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The 18 hole, 6582 metre course is intricately incorporated into a parkland setting with its undulating manicured terrain, entwined by the clever use of a major tributary of the Mukuvisi River. The bentgrass greens at Chapman conform to the highest international standards and Peter Matkovich designed the water features to form an integral part of the course where even professional golfers will find them a challenge.

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Dear Member,


The Club now has a Chapman Golf Club members WhatsApp communication channel.

The purpose of this media will be to funnel any meaningful and relevant information directly to you as quickly as possible.

The idea will be to keep you informed of the current news and updates of the Club. The channel will also be used to pass on information regarding Club Competitions, Golf Course work and social Functions.


Chapman Golf Club Group 1 : https://chat.whatsapp.com/C89o6JXMoie9EA2QkIftyb

Chapman Golf Club Group 2 : https://chat.whatsapp.com/H1DArtXUP3K8wvUQZjsnoZ


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Only Chapman admin will be posting on the Groups (Non Interactive Group).


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Dear Club Members


Following the statutory Instrument guidelines SI 077 of 2020 referring to the relaxation of regulations regarding low risk sports of which Golf is designated


The Zimbabwe Golf Association has recommended the following guide lines,  In order for the club to be  compliant to SI  110 of 2020.


Chapman Golf course will be allowed to open from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm only, The Club house remains closed for the purpose of socialising.


Arrival and security:


  • The Club will only be open to receive Chapman members, no visitors or Guest members of other clubs will be able to access the club and course.
  • This will be true of Corporate members and no business guests will be allowed
  • All members will be required to stop at the boom gate where their body temperatures will be taken and access permitted if they read normal.
  • Persons coming to the club must wear a face mask.
  • Security guards will avoid personal contact with visitors and members. Members will continue to gain access without contact through the members boom, and visitors will only have the licence plate of their vehicle recorded as per norm.   the arrival of visitors will only be to gain access to the administration office for the delivery of essential commodities.   The reusable ticket system will be discontinued.

Members are encouraged to phone ahead and book times so that they gain smooth entry at the boom gate.

  • All access to the main clubhouse will be off limits including the changing rooms.
  • Access is granted to the admin offices for the purposes of paying Golf fees
  • The Club has a program of environment spraying and will be disinfecting. The whole club house area, including kitchens, caddy areas and golf admin.
  • When signing in at the Pro Shop, Members will be able to swipe their membership cards, and you can retrieve your slip from the printer yourself. Whilst a staff member can sign the sheet for you.
  • While queuing in the Pro Shop, please keep your distance of 2 meters from the person in front of you and avoid conversations and contact. Hand sanitiser will be present on the counter.
  • The club has placed sanitiser hot spots around the premises ie. Golf admin, caddy area, and lower terrace. In addition, the sanitiser will be available in the bars, in admin, pro shop and at the boom gate.


Golf Course:


  • The golf course will be open but only to Chapmen members If a member appears to be sick, coughing, sneezing etc, the club reserves the right to not allow them to play and may ask them to leave the club immediately, without coming into contact with anyone else.
  • Caddies will not be allowed, whether it is a regular chapman caddie or if a member brings his or her own. A person may accompany the players for the purpose as a spotter but may not carry bags or equipment

It is recommended that players use a trolley, rather than carrying their bags.

  • It is recommended that players do not attempt to rake the bunkers, this will be managed by the grounds staff.
  • Golf cart usage. All golf carts used on the course, privately owned or rented, are required to be sprayed (disinfected) before being allowed on the course.

On the golf course, it is recommended that you leave the flag in and avoid contact with the flag.

The flag poles will be prone to ‘carrying the virus’ if contact is made with someone who is infected.  For those golfers who wear gloves, it would be good practice to put your glove on to retrieve your ball from the hole.

  • It is recommended that all golfers carry their own sanitisers with them and use before teeing off on each hole and wherever else they feel appropriate.
  • Practice area, Including the range will only be accessed by Chapman members, the pros will not be allowed to teach non chapman members includes members of other clubs or visitors.
  • Tee off times will be extended to have a 10-minute gap between playable times, starting times will commence at 8.00 am and continue till 12.30 pm for players wanting to play 18 holes. From 12.30 pm till 2.00 pm members can play 9 holes only
  • Members will not be allowed to start a game after 2.00 pm.
  • All pre-set rules and bookings will be discontinued, whoever has booked the course for that time plays.
  • No outside societies can play, strictly Chapman members only.
  • Members will be required to leave the golf course and vacate the premises by 4.30 pm. As guided by the statutory instrument.




  • The clubhouse, including the lower terrace and half way veranda, will be operating under restricted conditions, and the catering service will be restricted to individually wrapped items such as sandwiches, pies etc.
  • The men’s and ladies locker rooms will remain closed and the club recommends the use of the ground floor bathroom facilities.
  • Staff will be doing regular disinfecting of door handles and other contact points in these areas.
  • To be doubly sure please feel welcome to bring your own towels, sanitisers etc to supplement the club’s procedures
  • All furniture (tables and chairs) on the veranda will be regularly disinfected
  • The lower bar terrace bar will remain open. But only for the service of non alcoholic drinks. As per SI
  • The lower bar terrace will be closed by 4.30 pm.
  • Hand wash schedules will be put in place for the staff, and we encourage golfers to wash their hands as frequently as possible as well whilst at the club.
  • The showers facilities will be shut and the heaters will be switched off.  The attendants will continue to spray these areas at regular intervals.
  • Hand sanitiser will be present on the counter.
  • When in and around the club house please continue the use of wearing face masks.




  • That the club will not hold any Meeting, Golf Days, functions and weddings at the club for the next 60 to 90 days to be reviewed at the end of this period.
  • The club has rescheduled those events that were booked to future dates so that the club does not lose unnecessary revenue.
  • That the A.G.M. has been postponed. And a new date will be prepared strictly on a limited rsvp.

That no further board or committee meeting takes place physically, and that points for any agenda are circulated and discussion points raised via what’s app.


The subscriptions that were billed for the 2nd qtr   April through to June will be reversed.   The new billing period will commence from 1 st June to end August.   Members who paid their subscriptions for this period will have their amounts credited off the new fees payable on the 1 st June.



 Financial Implications for the Club.:


Club revenue is not just a matter of subscriptions but a combination of revenue from multiple sources such as Food and Beverage revenue, Course hire venue, Meeting hire and Sponsor advertising.


It goes without saying that a reduction in the footprint of members at the club will have a detrimental effect on the club revenue.   And the next few weeks and months are going to be financially challenging.


All members have the freedom of choice to decide for themselves whether they want to play golf and socialize during this period or not, and we as a club want to encourage members to make their own decisions. however, the board wish to point out that if members fall into the “at risk “category, ie those with impaired respiratory capacity or weak hearts, or have lower immune capacity serious consideration should be given if the member wants to risk socialising.


As a management group and board, we are simply making the environment as safe as possible should you choose to continue to play Golf at Chapman


Finally, the board would like to thank you, our members, for your understanding, patience and support in this potentially difficult and trying time



Yours Sincerely


Chapman  Board

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