How to Become a Member

To apply to become a member of Chapman Golf Club please follow the procedure below:

  1. Download and complete the Application Form
  2. Get a Proposer, Seconder and Sponsors to sign your form (Proposers, seconders and sponsors must be full playing members in good standing of the Club for at least two years. They are responsible for ensuring that the applicant is introduced to three committee members during the processing of the application over one month to avoid delay in approval.)
  3. Submit payment and the application form to the Club Office.
  4. Following the acceptance of the application form by the Manager, the applicant’s name shall be posted on the prospective Membership Notice Board for a period of one month.
  5. During such period of posting, the prospective member shall, in an honorary capacity, enjoy the privileges of the class of membership for which he has applied.
  6. The power to accept or reject any application for Membership shall be vested in the Board of Management who shall not be obliged to give any reason for rejecting any application. The decision of the Board of Management shall be final.
  7. Upon acceptance of an application the new member will be invited to the next Induction Meeting to be held by the Club.