September                                                                2018     NEWSLETTER    

Dear Member

Hello, golfer! I hope you have been enjoying the golf course this past month as the cold weathers have finally disappeared. It is still a little windy out there but as September ends, we are looking forward to swing into summer in the next coming months

Summer weddings at Chapman are the best. Make you day memorable with us.

Functions and Marketing

If you are interested in advertisng in the newsletter, contact the Sales and Marketing or visit us to discuss our advertising packages for the newsletter, billboards and tee boxes. The newsletter, billboards and tee boxes are a great platform to advertise as all the members and other clients can get a chance to what your company has to offer .



Wednesday Club and Saturday Club Competitions .






03 October Please sponsor this day 06 October CBZ BANK
10 October Troutbeck Inn 13 October Please sponsor this day
17 October Golden Peacock 20 October Please sponsor this day
24 October Please sponsor this day 27 October Please sponsor this day
31 October Please sponsor this day    


We would like to thank our sponsors for their unwavering support and also advertising their products/services on our club competitions. For those who are interested in sponsoring our club competitions please contact Tabeth, Ranga and Douglas and secure your date for sponsoring the Wednesday and Saturday Club Competitions on all vacant dates. We are still the best platform to advertise your business.


New members

The Club continues to attract new members every month and that is a sign which shows that Chapman has standard facilities to offer.

Nyikadzino Chideme Patrick Mavhura Benania Shumba
Tazzen Mandizvidza Patricia Muchegwa Isheunesu Mugadza
Joseph Mugadza Joseph Chimwanda Strauss Tembo
Conwell Mujuru Jackson Dambuka Farium A Katsiuro
Hatinzwani Christopher Godmas Muchunga Sandra Musevenzo