Dear Members,

We trust you all had an enjoyable festive season and welcome back to those who had travelled out. Despite the heat wave we are experiencing this year our golf course is in great shape and it was encouraging to see many of you playing golf this holidays our Wednesday Club and Saturday competitions were fully booked for the first time after a long time. And we hope now that all the kids are back at school we will see more of you coming out to play golf.

Our Impala herd has doubled in one season, what an attraction for our golf course. We are very grateful to Greg McDonald and Dean Brandt for this initiative.

New Members

The Club continues to attract new members every month and that is a great sign of a better future for us. Below are the new members who recently joined us.

  1. Irene Chikumbo
  2.  Criswell Sixpence
  3. Logan Jack
  4. Charles Muchemwa Nherera
  5. Patrick Mbizvo
  6. 6. Paminaha Dube
  7. 7. Percy Sibanda
  8. 8. Peter Farai Chingoka
  9. Joseph Taderera Mugwira
  10. Last Hamandishe
  11. Christopher Zwelinzima Msipa
  12. Allen Musadziruma
  13. Stanley Ngwaru
  14. Cosmas James Kaseke



Our junior golfers continue to excel with Danielle Bakker and Emily Jones making it into the Zimbabwe Ladies Golf Team to represent the country at the All Africa Challenge Tournament in Tunisia. Cath Riley will be the team coach.

There are new balls now at the range, which is going to improve your practice chipping and driving distance.




On Saturday 13th of February the club will be hosting an Open Valentine Golf Competition. Share your time with your loved ones on the golf course. All members and guests are welcome.  Guests Green fees $15 & Member $7.


Congratulations to the following players for making it into the second round of the Col Johnson Shield Better Ball Match-Play knock out competition. The next round will be played on 27th of February 2016. Kindly advise Golf Admin if you will be available to play on this day or before the day.

Masuku S and F Gumunyu  vs S Sibanda and T Nymukondiwa

A Mbinda and M Masuku vs S Mangachena and F Nyabereka

MN Dodo and J Masuku  vs R Costa and L Costa

C Manyepwa and W Mwedzi vs D Amm and R Mohamed

AP Gulab and S Rick vs J Musuka and V Sibanda

J Muchena and L Matoushaya vs D Komola and  F Mataranyika

D Hillman and J Gerber vs C John and  I Johnson

Naik RS and B Gulab vs G Scott and MZ Francis


The winners are:

Championship Division

Runner Up:         T Nyamukondiwa h/c 5 nett 72

Winner:                L Clever h/c 4 nett 72 c/out

Division B 7-12

Runner Up:         A P Gulab h/c 12 nett 71

Winner :               C John h/c 9 nett 71 c/out

Division C 13-18

Runner Up:         M Gurira h/c 16 nett 71

Winner:                F Gumunyu h/c 13 nett 69

Division D 19-24

Runner Up:         W Mushure h/c 20 nett 74

Winner:                M N Dodo h/c 21 nett 69


Players, kindly show courtesy to our valuable sponsors by attending prize giving.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank CBZ HOLDINGS being the Official Sponsor of our Medal Competitions for the past fifteen years, let us give them huge applause!!!!


It was a good start to the year as our David Amm won the Dugmore Tournament individual Prize at Bulawayo Golf Club over the week of 23rd and 24th January 2015 after a three way play-off with Kirean Vincent and Tonderai Masunga from Royal Harare Golf Club and this is how the team manager Mr Themba Sibanda narrated the play-off.

(The sudden death play-off which started on the hole number one was short but exciting. Kieran played first and decided on a 3 wood which left him 20m short of the green. David who was second to play decided to go for it and took his driver which he played the tiger line over the tree, through the bunker and the ball came to rest two meters at the back off the green. Tonderai also decided on the driver option and took the same line as David, luckily his ball came to rest on the green about two meters from the flag.

At this point the odds were in Tonderai’s favour and nobody could have predicted what would happen next! Kieran who had to play first chipped onto the green and left his ball within a meter of the flag for his birdie putt. David playing next decided against chipping and opted for a Texas wedge (putter) which he hammered into the hole for an eagle! Tonderai needing to sink his eagle putt to continue the play lost his nerve and miss his putt. David won the playoff and was duly declared the 2016 Dugmore Champion.) This was a dramatic exciting finish, Well Done David for keeping the Chapman flag flying high !!

The tournament was the 1st Inter-Club competition of this year, the teams were as follows




David Amm

Rasheed Mohamed

Joshua Du Preez

Tafadzwa Nyamukondiwa


Themba Sibanda

Erasmus Muronda

Edson Chakanyuka

Kembo Kamupira

Chapman came 3rd in the Team Event.



The 1st League matches of this year were played on the 31st of January

Our ‘A’ League team the defending Champions had a bye meaning we started with zero points.

Our ‘B’ Team played our 1st game at Ruwa against Country Club and lost 2/4. Shake off that rust guys, this year we are looking forward to winning both leagues, the members were Wally Costa, Dean Brandt, Zane Francis, Chips de Oliveira (Team Captain) Stan Rusere and Des Matete.

If you wish to represent the club in League Matches contact team captains for ‘A’ League Edson Chakanyuka handicaps 12 and below for ‘B’ League Chips de Oliveira handicaps 13 to 21 handicap.

The Harare Province Golf Union ‘A’ League defending Champions they have every reason to celebrate this achievement. It takes pride to play for your club.


  • Subscription payments for January to March plus your 2016 ZGA /HPGU affiliation fees are now due, kindly pay now and avoid the embarrassment of a blocked swipe card and accessing your handicap. Your cooperation to this important message will be greatly appreciated.
  • Members are advised to rent a locker for safe keeping of your belongings at the club. Rental fees are only $40 for the whole year and for those who own lockers renew your rental fees. Contact Patience at the Front Office for more details if you require a locker. Please note lockers are club property for rental.
  • Members are urged to update their email addresses in order to receive important club updates. We have reserved one telephone number 04 747969 for members incoming calls only and cell phone numbers 078 4014414 for accounts office and for the reception 0718 194 081.
  • We are appealing to members who have unwanted empty minerals and beer bottles lying in your garages gathering dust to donate them to the club.


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